Not only can you find the key to business innovation and growth, the popular social network is itself the key to the said innovation and growth. However, it would not be relevant for every type of business. There are many industries that would not find its target audiences on Instagram. If you have a product or service that is aimed at the audiences that typically use Instagram, then the social media platform can be a boon in a myriad of ways.


Can Instagram help products and services?

Products can be a onetime purchase. Services may be long term and hence would require a onetime signing up. The revenues for such products and services may be recurring but that would still mean stagnation. Growth is always about acquiring new clients or selling more products than before. Such growth is relatively easier when a company retains its present clients, courtesy the repeat or ongoing purchase of a particular product by the same consumer and the long term use of a specific service by the same customer. Companies with products that are bought once or only a few times in several years by a customer and services that are time bound, beyond which a subscriber may not sign up again, would face greater odds to grow their business. These companies will have to compensate for the loss of existing clientele or consumers and then add on some new to keep growing.

One of the few ways to fuel such growth is impulse purchase. It is also known as impulse buying. This is quite a widespread practice around the world. People from different walks of life often indulge in impulse buying. They like something or are influenced by others to consider it and end up making an impulsive decision to purchase a product or sign up for a service. Many companies, including global marketplaces and major brands around the world, rely on impulse buying or purchase to fuel its growth. The same companies also rely on impulse purchase to sustain its sales numbers. Your business can capitalize on the different phenomena on social networks such as Instagram to fuel the required growth.


A Great Video About Impulse Buying

Impulse Buying and Social Networks

Impulse buying can be triggered rather easily on social networks like Instagram, provided the strategy is sound. Viral trends, great word of mouth, organic endorsements and smart branding can help companies reach out to certain sections of their target audiences that would not otherwise consider buying a product or trying a service. Also, the bigger your audience is on social networks like Instagram the better it can be for business, this is mainly because your getting your message over to a lot more people. A lot of people and businesses spend a huge amount of time and money trying to build their following on social networks. There are several different options available to increase your following one of which is by buying them from websites that sell them like best followers social. Having a huge following can help your company get a chain reaction and it can have a positive ripple effect on your sales and hence business growth.

Such a turnaround will not happen every time and it calls for some smart innovation. However, if you can devise the right promotional strategy, time and again, then not only would you clock solid growth rates but also be able to sustain them over a period of time. Instagram can challenge interested businesses to strive for innovation and be the key to growth.


Twitter bird and growth graph in the backgroundBuilding and growing your business online with Twitter is a lot easier than most people make it out to be – though it can be anything but simple or straightforward if you are stumbling and bumbling around with no real strategy and no real tactics designed for success to help you out.

In an effort to help you take advantage of one of the most powerful tools for building a business today, we’ve put together this quick breakdown of tips, tricks, and proven tactics that will help you grow your business online with Twitter faster than you ever thought possible.

Use as many of them as you can to accelerate your growth, boost your profitability, and bump up your bottom line!


Utilize Twitter Cards

In today’s incredibly noisy marketplace, it can be real difficult to separate your marketing and advertising messages from the rest of the clutter out there. Some researchers have uncovered that we are all individually bombarded with anywhere between 2000 and 5000 or more individual advertisements every single day – and we have developed systems that allow us to ignore most advertising that isn’t relevant, interesting, or engaging.

On Twitter this noise is prevalent, which is why you need to rise above the clutter with Twitter Cards. Use these illustrated tweets to separate important messages from the rest of your timeline, but don’t overdo them. You can eliminate their effectiveness by making Twitter Cards of everything you post, crippling it’s ability to help you build your business at the same time.

Below is a video of how Twitter cards work


Find influencers and engage with them

Every market, every niche, and every community has at least a handful or more influencers on social media – the accounts with the most followers, the most engagement, and the most credibility. You’ll want to find the influencers in your market or in your niche and you’ll want to engage with them regularly, building two lanes of communication and becoming seen as an equal with these influencers.

This allows some of that credibility and some of that influence to “rub off on you”, and your business success will skyrocket dramatically once you are seen to be one of the major influencers in one of the more credible personalities or businesses in your market, too.


Grow your followers list

The more Twitter followers you have the more reach you are going to have with your Twitter content, which is why you’ll want to do things on a regular basis to build a bigger following, add more followers, and create more engaged followers all at the same time.

Some people and companies like to Buy Twitter followers paypal as an easy way to grow their following. This is especially useful if you don’t have much time to do your twitter marketing campaign and want a quick way to grow your target audience.

This isn’t the “Field of Dreams”. It doesn’t matter if you build it, they may (or may not) come. You have to actively go out and get new followers, develop new followers, and engage with new followers so that you can create a responsive Twitter account that has the potential to increase your profitability.

Combine these tips and tricks and you’ll be able to accelerate your business growth online. Obviously, you’ll want to test, optimize, and retest different approaches, campaigns, strategies, and tactics on Twitter to boost your business – but this is a great place to start!

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