How YouTube Helps Businesses Innovate and Grow

YouTube is the largest free virtual broadcaster in the world. There may be many digital streaming platforms available today but most charge a subscription for premium content or continued access. YouTube is backed by Google, also known as Alphabet Inc. It is perhaps obvious that the largest search engine in the world will also have the largest video sharing platform.

YouTube can help businesses to grow in a myriad of ways. It is a free broadcasting and advertising medium. That is if you wish to use videos as content. Then there are advertisements on the site, which are not technically content for the platform but digital ads aimed at targeting the billions of people who access YouTube. A lot has been written, said and reported on how businesses can use YouTube to reach out to a target audience, to use video marketing to promote their products and services, how the site can be used for branding and how channels can be monetized for those in the professional of creating content.

The primary focus

Let us focus on innovation and growth for a change. We are not talking about innovation inspired or facilitated by the innumerable videos on science, technology and creativity. We are talking about innovation that can be powered by analytics. YouTube can be an amazingly effective apparatus for feedback. You are perhaps thinking about the likes, dislikes, shares and comments. These are definitely worth considering and they are indeed worthwhile feedback. But there are other analytics as well. For instance, if you have an advertisement being pushed into videos and you are paying for it, you would want to know if the ad is being viewed, skipped or given a thumb down. YouTube does have a like and dislike feature for ads as well. Observing the trends that indicate how viewers or your target audience is responding to your ads will tell you if you have done a good job with the advertisement. You may also gauge the popularity or acceptance of an existing or a new product.


YouTube Video Advertising Beginners Video


Thinking outside the box

Analytics can power innovations that are otherwise near impossible. Most businesses are preoccupied with their core operations. There is very little time and space to be truly innovative, to genuinely think outside the box and to undertake some actual research that would reveal facts and not reiterate hackneyed perceptions or biases. The analytics pertaining to advertisements are not the only data you should use to power innovation and growth. You may have a channel and hence you will have subscribers. Assess their activities. Your videos will have viewers and there would be some sharing. Track the links, explore the mediums where your business is being talked about, follow up with your audience and understand them at an instinctive level. A lot that happens on YouTube is impulsive. People do not always plan what they would be watching for several minutes.


To conclude

YouTube can be used in ingenious ways to get more viewers and subsequently customers, there are several methods of increasing your views and likes, some including buying them for your YouTube video and others including paid advertising. YouTube is a platform to broadcast testimonials and tutorials. There is a close relation between the platform and search engine optimization. Popular and well optimized videos will show up on search engine results of Google. There are more ways to innovate and grow your business with the help of YouTube than you may imagine right now. There have been instances when companies have altered their ideas at a conceptual level after having generated the required feedback. YouTube can be just a platform for entertainment for some viewers. For businesses, regardless of its size or niche, YouTube should be a source of intellect and a medium for growth.